Deadline for Voter Registration

Tonight at 8:00 pm is the deadline for voter registration. It’s a quick and easy process in the basement of City Hall.

We’ve been quite surprised by the lack of push to register new voters. The “Double the Vote” Facebook effort looks promising, but the group was only started around a week ago–not much time to organize and register voters. In other cities I’ve lived in, I’ve been asked to register at nearly every event and festival (usually by the local Democratic party groups).

The one great exception I can think of was Voter Awareness Night, organized by Van Pech’s campaign. I only heard of it afterward, but I think the real audience was–and should be–people who were downtown for other reasons and would benefit from learning more about the local election. I wonder if there aren’t more of these great types of events because the Lowell City election isn’t party based. Perhaps because of this, “Lowell Democrats” or “Lowell Republicans” aren’t organizing voter registration drives for local (City and school board) elections, and it’s up to enterprising candidates like Van or volunteer groups to do the footwork.


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