Your Learning Lowell Voting Guide

2015 Edit: Looking for information on local elections in Lowell? You want to go to the Lowell Votes website where you can find information about voting as well as the candidates and issues.

You may notice there’s not much to this post anymore. We’ve decided to take this old post down, because we noticed that people were still ending up on this page via searches that suggested that what they really needed was current candidate information. Rather than confuse and annoy people (running into old election information is a real pet peeve of mine personally) we’re just leaving the page as a big arrow pointing to where you can now find an actual, current voter guide.


3 thoughts on “Your Learning Lowell Voting Guide

  1. Thanks for posting this! I am really impressed with how quickly you’ve picked up so much information. When we first moved here, I felt like it took so much effort to get information about local elections (heck, it sometimes still feels like that nine years later 😉 )

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