Belated Christmas Post

We’re still getting back in the swing of things after a whirlwind holiday in the Midwest, but we’re slowly re-acclimatizing. While it’s still too cold to do much of anything fun, I thought I’d throw together a post about where we did our Christmas shopping.

Our mission: gifts for Chris’s folks, my folks, my two brothers, our friend Eric,  Chris’s sister, and his nephew. We were looking to be as local and Lowellian as possible, because if you’re going to pack something in your suitcase and fly it across the country, it really should be something you can’t get at Target.

We bustled around downtown quite a bit, but we ended up making purchases at just a couple spots.

National Park Visitor’s Center:

We picked up a couple of sets of the famous Boott kitchen towels, nicely packaged and highly giftable. I think these are a great gift because they’re uniquely Lowellian, but also useful. Chris also grabbed some spindles for his sister, who appreciates a nice decorative knick-knack.


This a cute gallery we’ve enjoyed browsing on multiple occasions. They have lots of cool art that’s out of our price range, but they also have some areas of smaller items worth checking out. We ended up with earrings for my mom, an antique whisky bottle, a funky keychain, and a little landscape picture. Definitely worth checking out even on a budget, and they’re ridiculously nice there.


I love Found. Love it. Found’s a downtown antique store, but much funkier and more reasonably priced then you picture when I say “antique store”. Think less Eastlake furniture, more funky 60’s martini shakers.  Their facebook page gives a good flavor. We really hit the jackpot here, finding a Nixon plate for my dad, a Batman tape player for my brother, a punk rock piggy bank for the other brother, and a Wooly Willy “play with your food” plate for Chris’s nephew. Great place to pick up interesting odds and ends.

Every now and then I hear someone gripe about Lowell’s downtown, and I have to say it mystifies me. While there are a couple changes I’d make if I had a magic wand (a bookstore, for instance. And a place to buy milk after 6pm on the weekend.) I really don’t see too much to complain about when a person can do an entire Christmas worth of shopping in a five block radius.


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