Filling “Empty Bowls”

Hey everybody. Today’s post is to make sure you’ve all heard about a cool event this weekend. This Sunday from 11-3 is an annual event called Empty Bowls that benefits the Living Waters Center of Hope and Open Pantry of Lowell.

Handmade bowls that will be sold as part of the event.

For $20, you get a cool bowl handmade by local artists or schoolkids. Then you get to fill that bowl with any of twelve soups made by local groups, including UTEC (vegetarian Portuguese white bean soup with sweet potatoes and kale), Lowell High School (mulligatawny), and Chowder Factory (I am going to guess they might have chowder). It sounds like tasty fun, and this year they have a special table for featured local artists. What a great way to combine some of the best parts of Lowell: local artists, tasty food, and spunky community spirit.

To learn more you should check out the facebook group, and/or RSVP to the event.

Chris and I visited Living Waters for lunch last week, and it’s so clear that it’s an important resource for our community. It’s completely volunteer run, so if you’re looking for a way to pitch in it’s a great place to start.

There are no easy solutions for homelessness, or for hungry people. These are problems every community, and especially every city, had to grapple with. They can’t be swept under the rug. And more importantly, they shouldn’t be. Not only is it our moral duty as a community to help people less lucky than ourselves, it’s in our own self-interest. Treating struggling people like dangerous criminals isn’t just unkind, it’s counterproductive. Resources that help people get back on track restores those people’s ability to contribute to our community.

A volunteer offers hot coffee.

A volunteer offers hot coffee.

Living Waters and their volunteer staff do great work to help the people of our community. They provide breakfast and lunch four days a week, as well as access to donated clothes, laundry, and restrooms. Even cooler, they have art projects, ESL and GED programs, haircuts, and all sorts of other help. While I’m sure they don’t fix everyone’s problem’s instantly, being there even a brief time, it was clear how much these services help people, and what a difference it can make in people’s lives to be treated with respect and kindness. We talked with people whose had been able to make huge positive changes in their lives with the support they received.

Consider contributing to Living Waters by attending the event on Sunday, or donating money, time, or resources as detailed on their website. You should also like their facebook, so you can keep up to date with the work that they do. They have some cool projects in the pipeline!


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