Ocean Garden

I was out running some errands the other day, and I went into a store I hadn’t tried before.

Ocean Gardens on Merrimack Street

Ocean Garden Market is on Merrimack, about a block West of the library. I was expecting one of the many Merrimack Street little variety stores, so I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Ocean Garden isn’t a corner store; it’s a full on Asian grocery, cP1010413omplete with an aisle each of fresh vegetables and specialty meats. I saw quail eggs, 5 lb containers of tofu, fresh baked treats, and a wide variety of items I couldn’t identify. It’s fun to explore, and I’m psyched to have a new place to pick up Asian cooking staples and fresh veggies.

Tofu and sweet sticky rice

I got delicious sweet sticky rice snacks and some tofu.

I didn’t hear a word of English the whole time I was there, which is something I enjoy. I can never understand people  who feel irritated when they encounter pockets of other culture. For me it’s invigorating to be reminded of how big and full of difference the world is, and how much more there always is to learn and to try.

Maybe everybody else already knew this store is here, but I sure didn’t, so I thought I’d drop a recommendation. This is something I truly love about living in Lowell. It doesn’t always have the level of bustle or sophistication my ideal city might, but in terms of international flavor it can’t be beat.



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