Learning Lowell Pub Crawl: Coming to a Downtown Near You!

Hi, everyone!

Chris and I decided we need to learn more about Lowell’s fine establishments, and what better way to do that than invite our readers on a pub crawl? This Friday, we will meet at Old Worthen and move steadily eastward, one bar an hour. Everyone is invited and welcome to join for all or part of the night to share stories and good times. We don’t know if we will have a small or large group, but either way, we know it will be fun!


Friday, June 13

  • Old Worthen – 7:00 pm
  • Cobblestones  – 8:00 pm
  • Fuse Bistro – 9:00 pm
  • Old Court  – 10:00 pm
  • Ward 8 – 11:00 pm

4 thoughts on “Learning Lowell Pub Crawl: Coming to a Downtown Near You!

  1. Friday night it’s the Howl In Lowell Full Moon Party at Ward 8 which begins at 9–you might want to adjust your schedule to end there, rather than start. Fuse has Ken Budka and Jess Baggia playing, so that’s a great stop, too. For music, in addition to those two, there’s also La Boniche (9-11pm) and the Back Page. Enjoy!

  2. To the authors of this article,
    I am so glad I found this before this pub crawl kicked off. I am one of the new owners to Reservations Restaurant and Lounge, and we are located smack in the middle of downtown Lowell at 179 Central Street. Our “watering hole/night club/restaurant” for the better part of the last 2 years has yet once again flown under the radar to another pub crawl. Over the last year we have given ourselves a fresh make over. And although my opinion is biased I must say our atmosphere is smooth, inviting, comfortable and sexy. With “cush” leather couches to fall into inside around out dance and restaurant floor with 3 new large flats screen TVs for sports or events, signature mojitos at the bar or fresh sangria under our shaded sheik outside patio I am dumb founded as to why we are never included on any of these pub crawl lists. Our DJ’s change daily to accommodate a wide range of musical tastes. And although we are typically known as hardly more than a dace club with a Latin/African Vibe, I must go on record to say that we are so much more. SO MUCH MORE! Besides kicking off the summer with a new food and cocktail menu. If interested in a Hookah from time to time we’ve made that available also. We’re a dress as you please establishment so don’t be shy to come in even if you see everyone dressed to the “nines”.
    After all a large part Lowell hails from the Latin/Spanish/South American background and makes up an integral part of our community. Oh yeah, we also offer full stretch fully stocked limousine service to get you and your friends to and from our establishment. So if your planning on letting it all hang out, we do our best to help keep the roads safe also. Ahem!!! Reservations would like some PUB CRAWL LOVE!!!

    • Thanks for the invitation, William!

      We’ve rearranged the crawl, and now Reservations is close to our end point. We’ll definitely suggest Reservations to whoever wants to “keep it going.” Of course, we have no idea if we’ll even have two people along with us.

      If we aren’t able to make it on Friday, we’ll definitely visit in the future.

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